Dark Souls III is the third installment of the Dark Souls. The game is coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The company showed of a CG trailer earlier at E3. The trailer doesn’t show many things to learn besides the cinematic awesomeness of that enormous giant. All that we know is that we will DIE, we’ll walk the humble steps through Lothric and die. Based on the trailer, it’s undoubted that the story itself will be dark and twisted.

A bell of awakening tolls and the unkindled rises from his grave, in the cemetery of Ash. Welcome, everyone, to Dark Souls III…” – Vaati Vidya



Bunch of media have played the early hours and came back with footages and new details to fuel up the hype for the next few weeks. I’ve also read many sources and tweets, most of it being IGN and early player’s youtube channels. Here is what I found.

  • No More Hollowing

You’ll still lose your collected souls, but you’ll not go hollow. The game does not punish you harshly, unlike the previous series where dying causes you to be hollowed, preventing players to play co-op and lowering your odds of getting drops.

  • Embers Are the New Humanity

Embers are similar to humanity, the shape is similar to Human Effigies from Dark Souls II, only with small hints of fire around its edges. Upon using, instead of reducing HP, Embers will give you extra HP and a burning-like effect around the Unkindled One’s body. It’s quite cool, really.

  • Firelink Shrine

The Unkindled One will cross our ol’ friendly Firelink Shrine. The shrine itself serves as a hub connecting many checkpoints spread across Lothric. You’ll buy your weapons and most of the story is connected to this place. In this shrine he will find a Bonfire, the Fire Keeper, and the best of all, he will find Andre the Blacksmith. It’ll be quite the nostalgic reunion for some veterans of Dark Souls.

At the center of the Shrine are thrones. The thrones are similar to gravestones and it belongs to the Lords of Cinders.

  1. Yhorm The Giant of the Profaned Capital,
  2. Farron’s Undead Legion, The Watchers of Abyss
  3. Holy King Lothric, Last Hope of His Line
  4. Saint Aldrich of the Deep
  5. Ludleth the Exiled
  • There are two types of Estus Flask

Yes, the signature bottle that quenches the thirst of Undead and Unkindled alike. Throughout the series, Estus Flask is a faithful companion that heals the undead whenever they need. In Dark souls III, with the addition of the Stance and Weapon Arts, there will be two types of Estus Flask. One Estus Flask and One Ashen Estus Flask will be accompanying the Unkindled as he struggles his way through Lothric – One for HP and MP for the latter.


  • A Connected Universe

Early players have found out that the world of Dark Souls III has much connection to its predecessors. Besides Andre the Blacksmith, the Unkindled One will also meet the beloved Onion Knight from Dark Souls I, Siegmeyer of Catarina, the old hag from Dark Souls II and probably many more. It’s also hinted that Lothric is made up from both of the worlds in the series, Lordran and Drangleic. Of course, none of it is confirmed yet, feel free to assume whichever ideas fits you the most.

  • Striking Similarities

Dark Souls is not the only series developed by From Software. The other one is Bloodborne, an exclusive Playstation 4 game. Both games are similar in terms of difficulty and atmosphere, the only difference is the universe and style. Most of Dark Souls takes place in Medieval period, while Bloodborne is slightly more modern than that.

From the first look, the world of Dark Souls III is very similar to that of Bloodborne. Undead zealots kneeling on the ground worshiping some kind of deity and the playstyle is very similar to Bloodborne. Probably it’s to cut costs and shorten the production time, since From Software is very active in the industry lately. But then again, maybe From Software is dropping hints that maybe somewhere there’s a connection between the two series.

  • Difference in Gameplay

Dark Souls in its essence is a difficult and challenging game for both beginners and veterans. Thus it’s essential to master the basics of dodging, parrying, and not to mention for players to familiarize themselves with each of the weapons characteristics.

All of it will be different. Dark Souls III introduces a new battle mechanic known as “Stances”, and the most striking difference is the mechanics of Bow and Arrows. Short bow has the capability to do a rapid firing sequence, unlike the previous series where bow and arrows are mostly used to lure enemies to come near.

  • It’s unique and very From Software-ish

Dark Souls series is born from the brilliant mind of Hidetaka Miyazaki. Unlike most RPG-based games such as Final Fantasy series, Dark Souls series doesn’t actually tell you why you actually do what you do. To know the story, players has to read item description, exhausting dialogs with every NPC, reading what the boss lore or maybe if you’re not suited for these tasks, Dark Souls wiki can provide for you.

Dark Souls III plotline is also like this. The plot is not laid out so easily for players to notice, in fact, they have to look for it and build up their own version of the story. This is one of the reason why the Dark Souls community is so wide and active until now.

Dark Souls III is available for pre-order on Xbox 360, PS4 and of course, PC. Steam users owning Dark Souls I and Dark Souls II will get a slight discount. The Pre-Order comes in a bundle with soundtracks and the game itself.

Hardcore fans can get the Collector’s or the Prestige edition with a higher price. Collector’s package includes a Metal Case, Collector’s Box, 3x Iron-on Patches, 25cm Red Knight Figurine, Cloth Game Map, A4 Hardcover Artbook, Soundtracks and the game itself. Meanwhile the prestige edition is packaged with a 40cm Lord of Cinder Figurine instead of a Red Knight Figurine.



So, long story short. Is it 12 April yet?

P.S. PC users can order it from here Dark Souls III Steam

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