Serving as the daily wake-up call, injecting caffeine to our body helps us to function during the day, that’s the role of coffee in our life. It’s actually not surprising to say that coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world. It’s been proven by research that most workers are more productive with the aid of coffees. Coffee drinkers claimed that it allowed them to blend into the society better and gave them focus to work.

( + ) The Plus

  • Coffee Reduces Risk of Diabetes

Research shows that four to six cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of encountering Type 2 Diabetes by almost 30%. It’s a natural insulin that keeps you healthy and productive.

  • Coffee Reduces Forgetfulness

As per 2015, researchers have gathered several volunteers that drank coffee in the morning and non-drinkers to compare them.

Results shows that those who drank coffee has a better memory and cognitive ability compared to those who aren’t. Another good thing about coffee is that it actually improves your cognitive performance as you age (cognitive performance is a process of complex brain-based skill that we utilize without realizing it).

( – ) The Bad

  • Risk of Osteoporosis

As a chemical reaction in our body, caffeine and several other substances contained within coffee causes us to excrete calcium. As calcium very important to our bone’s density, excreting massive amounts of calcium could be a very bad thing as it leads to osteoporosis and other bone-related illness.

  • Chance of Pesticide Poisoning

Never forget that coffee is made up from coffee beans, harvested from a plant, and coffee plant is one of the most heavily sprayed with pesticides. We don’t want to take in those harmful substances to our body, so it’s best to choose high quality coffee beans that we know for sure came from a good environment.

There are actually much more effects of coffee to our body, but the most widely known effect of coffee is actually depriving us of sleep. Caffeine that resides within most coffees have the ability to keep us awake. This fact could be considered a good, but at the same time also a bad trait. Drinking coffee to keep us awake in the morning is a good thing, since it made us much more productive and focused. On the other hand, drank on the wrong time could cause you to be unable to sleep, kept awake at night and when morning came, you’ll be obligated to drink coffee or else you’re sleepy and unproductive and thus the vicious cycle begins.

Knowing the good and bad of coffees in your life could give you an edge while you moving on through your days.

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