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The Hardship of Graphic Designer

Following the dawn of the age of information, creative industry also grows exponentially. New software pops up left and right, creative-based educations are blossoming into one of the most interesting major in many universities. Creative industry is something that we NEED, it’s the thing that drives most business nowadays. Graphic designers are one major part of the industry, they’re the one who powers the gigantic, massive machines called the Creative Industry. Working as a graphic designer really isn’t as glorified as people think it is. Looking blindly, graphic designers sure… Read More

Coffee, is it good or bad?

Serving as the daily wake-up call, injecting caffeine to our body helps us to function during the day, that’s the role of coffee in our life. It’s actually not surprising to say that coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world. It’s been proven by research that most workers are more productive with the aid of coffees. Coffee drinkers claimed that it allowed them to blend into the society better and gave them focus to work. ( + ) The Plus Coffee Reduces Risk of Diabetes Research shows that four to… Read More

Why You Need a Website

Importance of a website One of the most surprising things when we look at small business is how many of them don’t have a website. In this era of information, we could say that it’s common sense for a business, no matter how small or big they are. But, looking now at the facts, that’s clearly not the case. No matter what business you’re having, you’ll be missing out a lot without any functional website. You may be thinking “I have a localized store in my own area, I don’t… Read More

Welcoming Dark Souls 3

  Dark Souls III is the third installment of the Dark Souls. The game is coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The company showed of a CG trailer earlier at E3. The trailer doesn’t show many things to learn besides the cinematic awesomeness of that enormous giant. All that we know is that we will DIE, we’ll walk the humble steps through Lothric and die. Based on the trailer, it’s undoubted that the story itself will be dark and twisted. “A bell of awakening tolls and the unkindled rises… Read More